A Good VisitCanine Behavior Assessment

The goal of the Canine Behavior Assessment is to determine how the dog/handler team will react to and cope with the pressures of the nursing home environment that they will visit. 

The team evaluation begins at the time the handler and the pet walk through the door for their appointment.  How the dog interacts with the other pets to be evaluated, the handler’s awareness and control of the dog and whether the dog is or becomes comfortable with the environment are all taken into account. 

In addition to observing the dog's comfort level around medical equipment, the Evaluator may assess how the dog responds to basic obedience commands, such as sit and stay; will observe  the dog’s reaction to being lightly pinched and having its tail and ears gently pulled; and will have the handler walk the dog on a loose leash.  It is important that handlers have good control of their dogs at all times.

As the owner, we need you to print and complete the "Canine Behavior Assessment Part 1." Please bring this with you to your behavior assessment appointment.

To assist you in preparing  for the assessment, you may want to review form that our testers will use to evaluate your dog. Click here to view and print a PDF of the document.


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